Cologne, 04-24-2020The safety of customers and employees is our top priority

Measures taken by Emons due to the Corona pandemic

Our information and measures due to the Corona pandemic

Fortunately, new cases are declining in China, while other countries continue to record rising numbers. The Robert Koch Institute RKI estimates the situation worldwide as dynamic and serious. The RKI currently classifies the risk for the German population as moderate. Delaying the spread of the disease is a global task, as it ensures, among other things, that there is sufficient capacity to treat cases of infection.

We face up to this responsibility and have taken precautions to protect the health of our customers and employees as well as other business partners within the scope of our possibilities. Naturally, we monitor developments and adapt our measures accordingly.

We have established an internal task force. Our pandemic team with experts from all areas of the company is constantly exchanging information and ensuring communication both internally and externally.

Measures for our employees
So far we have no known case of Corona in the company. In order to avoid infections, we have taken a number of sensible preventive measures. Our employees have been and are being informed in detail.

Our employees are committed to increased hygiene standards, such as:

– frequent and thorough hand washing (20 to 30 seconds),
– maintain a distance to other persons,
– not to touch your face,
– coughing and sneezing in the crook of your arm and
– Avoiding events and crowds

The subcontractors we have deployed are instructed to implement these measures.

All Emons drivers have been equipped with face protection scarfs.

If, despite all caution, employees notice symptoms such as fever, sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath, muscle and joint pain and have previously been in a risk area or have had contact with infected persons, they are instructed to immediately clarify the further procedure with a doctor by telephone and to inform us as an employer in the event of a hazard.

Measures in the company
We intensify cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in all areas and provide hand disinfectants.

We have issued a No Hands Policy (no shaking hands), limit business trips to an absolute minimum, avoid train and air travel and have cancelled all major meetings and seminars. Instead, we are increasingly using telephone and video conferencing. Employees with laptops work in the home office if possible.

As part of an internal pandemic contingency plan, we are preparing ourselves for how we can maintain our operations in the event of any major quarantine measures.

Effects on transports
Our core task is to get shipments to their destination.

Many companies in China are resuming operations. The scarce capacities in air and sea transport remain for the time being, precisely because of the increasing production.

European land transport is largely normal, although there may be delays in transit times due to precautionary measures. Please contact us to discuss urgent shipments to crisis and risk areas. We will do our utmost to realize your request. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that circumstances beyond our control may mean that deadlines and agreed targets cannot be met. Furthermore, unexpected costs, such as demurrage, may arise which we may have to pass on to you.

According to the WHO, corona viruses only survive for a short time on packaging and other surfaces. Therefore, we do not need to treat the external surfaces of the consignments separately, unless we receive specific advice or instructions.

You can find an overview of the current risk areas here.

Ongoing update
On our website we keep you informed about relevant news.

Our request to you
Our truck drivers are indispensable for picking up and delivering your shipments and keeping the entire logistics process running. In times of the corona virus, truck drivers are exposed to even greater stress than usual. We therefore ask you to be even more understanding and considerate of our drivers in this situation, which is unusual and difficult for all of us. If necessary, we ask you to involve our drivers in your own precautionary measures on site in a spirit of partnership for the protection of all parties involved.

Together with you and with appropriate and sensible action, we can best prevent the spread of the virus.

Many thanks!

It is our responsibility to counteract the infection and slow down its spread.
We would like you and us to stay healthy!